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You have a story to tell.

We help you tell it well.

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Your resume is a summary of your story

Right Your Resume is dedicated to helping you tell your story better than ever before. We do this by providing services focused on writing amazing resumes, teaching people about every aspect of the job interview, and developing amazing social media wherever you need it.

Telling a story can be challenging, especially because talking about yourself can be so nerve-racking. It can be tough to articulate your thoughts and feelings in a concise way to strangers even without the pressure of an interview. Right Your Resume can help you organize your thoughts so you are ready for that next big leap in your career- and your life! 

You have a great story to tell. Let us help you tell it.

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Let's right YOUR resume!

Thanks for submitting!

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Daniel P.

"I was in an job doing 60+ hours a week with no advancement opportunity. It was soul-crushing. The team at Right Your Resume helped me rewrite my resume and see all the skills I had that I never even thought of including! They even gave me some interview coaching that helped me get my current job! Now I have work-life balance and I can spend more time with my wife and son."


Harriet T.

"I first used Right Your Resume for their Resume Refresh deal to spice up a resume that I had not touched since the end of high school. They did an amazing job. I was really wowed by the quick turnaround time! Now that I graduated, I just did a full rewrite with them to make sure I'm ready for my upcoming interviews"

Mature Businessman

Phil S.

"I was clueless when it came to writing a resume. I had an idea of what to do, but I was not getting response when I submitted for a job. I'm really grateful that Terrence took the time not just to help me see where I had made mistakes, but also how to correct them myself. We even went over how to negotiate for more money! After the rewrite I got multiple calls back and now am at a job I love making more than I ever have before!"

Woman in Yellow

Jessica N.

"I changed careers after ten years of teaching and I had a pretty solid resume. The problem I had was getting people to see what I had done as a teacher as a plus; not as a lack of experience in the field I was now in. Right Your Resume helped me get there. Terrence helped me rewrite my resume and relate my past career to my current one. Not only does my resume look better, but I am able to better argue the points I have struggled to make in interviews for years. Thanks so much!"


Taylor P.

"I was recruited for a new role and had written my own resume. Right Your Resume helped me add some finish touches to really make it shine. I was really impressed. I ended up also using them to optimize my LinkedIn page as well a few month later once business networking became a huge part of my new role."

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